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    Thanks for wanting to advertise with us. On Samgee Blog, we have different types of adverts. Please choose the type of advert you want below:

    1.  Full background adverts: This is a type of advertisement whereby your products or services are used as the blog background with full clarity. In this type of advert, viewers get to know about your products or services everytime they visit this blog. This has been the best advert strategy so far because viewers don't need to scroll anywhere before your advert is shown.

    2.  Side Bar Adverts: With this type of advertisement, viewers also get to know about your products or services and may even click on your advert to be redirected to your website(advertiser's website if you have one).

    3.  Top Bar Adverts: With this, your advert is placed at the top bar of the blog.

    After you have decided which type of advert you want, fill the "contact us" form on the page or CLICK HERE and fill in your request which will be processed as fast as possible. Thanks for advertising with us.