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    FRESH FM DEMOLITION: Here is the shocking thing Governor Ajimobi has to say (video)

    After several complaints made by the entire public on the demolition of the radio station and music house built by popular Nigerian musician, Yinka Ayefele, the governor of Oyo State, Governor Ajimobi has revealed in a video that Mr. Yinka Ayefele did not abide by the state rules.

    He made this known while he was interviewed by the press. He said(as translated to English Language), "that man did not obey the law. People are saying its because he's cripple, does that permit a crippled man to defy the law? They said he employed numerous number of people, don't armed robbers employ people as well? Should we permit them to continue their armed robbery because they are employing people?"
    Whereas some years back, Governor Ajimobi was interviewed on Fresh FM, sitting alongside the owner o TN the radio station, Yinka Ayefele. He said in the interview (as translated to English Language), "I thank God for being here on this radio station today. The reason I'm thanking God is because they've brought it up that we should demolish this radio station but I ruled against it because it's a good radio station and they ate not doing anything to harm us. And after coming here today, I'm glad I met you doing something good... ".
    And now, the "good station" has turned to one defying the law.

    Rumor has it that the demolition of the radio station and music house owned by Yinka Ayefele is a Play of Politics and display of power.

    Below are notices issued to the radio station at earlier dates stating that one of the programmes broadcast ,titled "political pursuit" had made a wrong statement against the governor of the state and the entire Oyo State government.

    More updates to come...
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