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    THE VOICE NIGERIA: The Voice Nigeria season 2 winner, Idyl Says: I painted a picture of me being the winner of the show

    Winner of The Voice Nigeria season 2, Daniel Diongoli popularly known as Idyl shares his experience, ordeals and aspirations with WG, shortly after he was declared winner of the singing competition. The 22-year-old Bayelsa State-born singer who defeated Ebube with whom he was in the top 2 also, narrated how he dumped his studies, as a final year student of Economics at Niger Delta University, Yenagoa, to pursue his dream in music. According to him, “ I am ready to sacrifice everything for my music.”

    HOW do you feel to be the winner of The Voice Nigeria season 2? I can’t express my feelings at the moment because it has been a long journey; 15 weeks of hard work, of doing things I was never used to. All I can say is that I am grateful to God and to every Nigerian that voted for me.

    Idyl Were you surprised that you came this far in the show?

    I wasn’t surprised. This is because I am a go-getter. Any picture you draw in your mind can come into reality if you believe in it. I have always believed in my dreams and I’m always a go-getter.
    I painted a picture of me being the winner of the show. I didn’t know it was going to come this easy.

    What your experience like working with Timi Dakolo?

    Before I entered the competition, Timi Dakolo had been my role model. Timi is someone I have always looked up to in my life; someone I have always wanted to emulate, someone whose story inspired me and getting to work with him was a privilege. Today, we are winners together.

    I tapped from his grace and I pray that the grace would lead me to the word stage. I relate with him, not just in his music but also, as a young guy who grew up in the street. I relate to his story and it inspired me. When you were up for eviction, what was passing through your mind then? I thought I have come to the end of the road. But then I told myself, even if I am evicted, it would definitely not be the end of my journey into music. When I was saved, it dawns on me that I was made to be the winner of the show.

    Why do you think you won the show?

    I think I won the show because of the grace of God upon my life. Secondly, I won the show because of my originality. Where I was coming from, we don’t fake it. We give it as it is, and it’s because of that I am here today celebrating my victory. Grace kept me going in the show, while originality gave me an edge over other contestants.

    What was your story like when you started this journey?

    I was coming from the street, where nobody expected you to make it in life. This is like the story of the rejected stone that has become the cornerstone. I’m grateful to my dad. He is my motivation. He’s the reason I am here today. Everything I wanted to achieve in my life, I wanted to achieve for my dad. I want to say, this is the beginning of a new joy in my family. This is the first step to greatness for me. My dad has always advised me to believe in myself.

    Does it mean, you abandoned your education to pursue a career in music?

    I was supposed to be writing my final examinations to graduate as an economist at Niger Delta University, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. But I took a break from school to chase my dream in music. Music is what I believed in. It’s also, what I live for and it’s what saved me. So, I am ready to sacrifice everything for my music.

    Do you think leaving your studies for music is worth it?

    Yes, I think it’s worth the risk. What was the reaction of your parents? My dad has always believed in me and he has always supported me no matter the odds. When I told him, I wanted to leave my studies for music, he asked me if I have thought of it properly. I replied yes, adding that it’s what I want to do for a living. He later gave me his blessing. He’s the best dad in the world. I know I am going to be a brand that the world will appreciate. I hope to leave my footsteps in the sands of time.


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