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    MMM SWOT Analysis presented by Samuel Glory Aleh

    MMM SWOT Analysis simply means STRENGTH, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS in MMM community, which I will be discussing here today. 

    1. MMM has a very good and well organiser system unlike other ponzi schemes
    2. People increase their standard of living with MMM, thereby changing people's lives.
    3. There is freedom of transaction while using MMM portal.
    4. MMM raises the financial status of individuals.

    1. There is not  official office for MMM
    2. Not everyone gets the ideology invoked in the operation of the scheme.
    3. People build on the negative background/ history of MMM
    4. If people stop putting money in the scheme, the scheme will collapse.

    1. MMM gives hope to everyone in the aspect of money making
    2. It raises the financial status of people
    3. It is free for everyone
    4. No extra charge involved in transaction with MMM

    1. MMM may collapse if people decide to stop putting money on the scheme
    2. Government may barn the system due to the inability to control the flow old money in it
    3. MMM agents and promoter may get arrested

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