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    Five Cases of Lassa Fever Confirmed in Ondo. Achievers University embark on 3 weeks semester break

    It's been reported that five cases of Lassa Fever have been confirmed in two local governments of Owo and Akoko South West areas of Ondo State.

    Three cases have been reported in Owo local government while another two in Akoko south west areas of Ondo State.

    Of the three cases in Owo, one involving a female student was recorded at Achievers University, which caused the management of the institution to shutdown the school and embark the students on 3 weeks semester break.

    While addressing journalists on the issue, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof Tunji Ibiyemi said the case of Lassa Fever was recorded with one of their female students who stays off campus. He said she must have contracted the disease from her off-campus residence.

    Ibiyemi made it known that the lady is being given the best of medical treatment at the Federal Medical Center (FMC), Owo and would soon be discharged.

    He then said that during the course of her treatment, the school has embarked on 3 weeks semester break.

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