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    Breaking: 126 refugees feared dead after shipwreck off Libya

    It was reported by the United Nations Migration Agency that at least 126 refugees are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean sea after the motor of their boat was stolen, causing it to sink.

    According to testimony from four survivors brought to Italy, the refugees - mainly Sudanese - left on Thursday from Libya trying to make the dangerous crossing to Europe, Flavio Di Giacomo, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Monday.

    The men said that after a few hours at sea a group of Libyan traffickers intercepted their boat, he added.

    "They stole the motor - something which has happened a few times recently - and at that point, the boat started to take on water and sank."

    Passing Libyan fishermen rescued the four survivors - two Sudanese and two Nigerian men, and put them on another boat with about 1,000 other refugees. They were eventually rescued and brought to the Sicilian port of Palermo.


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