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    "BEYOND YOUR BEAUTY" by Taiwo Ayodeji

    Celebrating the damsel's birthday, this came up with this write up:
    Milky shiny teeth like the garment of an Angel
    Her smile walks me through the Nile
    A thought of her keeps me walking in mile’
    Peacock begs at the mercy of her beauty
    Beauty that steals men’s gaze
    Gaze makes feelings grow like maize
    Your beauty sets others in race
    I tell you my dear; you are a setter of pace
    Beneath your beauty;
    There, I found a woman of spiritual integrity,
    With the greatness of the Holy Ghost
    Radiating like heaven’s host
    I celebrate the beauty in you,
    This can only be seen with the spirit of Him;
    Maker of the universe,
    Who made you out of the best dust of earth.


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