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    "TO THE MEMORY OF JERRY" by Taiwo Ayodeji

    In remembrance of his friend, Jerry, Taiwo wrote this inspiring poem:
    A glance at your eyes,
    Makes me turn to ice,
    I see nothing but a star,
    With his heart gone so far,
    Death claimed you from us,
    Even when you didn't ride in horse,
    Your soul is long gone,
    But you didn't have a job well done.

    Why didn't you say goodbye?
    Is it that you don't want a spy?
    Or you're afraid of saying hi?
    So we won't know you will die?

    Jerry, you've gone to the world beyond,
    We have no link to you,
    Please don't hesitate to dance to the song,
    As we give the last rhythm to you.

    You came for knowledge,
    But what you got was coffin,
    The race of knowing,
    Made you a victim of cabbage.

    Rest your soul in the bosom of the Lord,
    The testimony of friends is enough,
    To make you afford,
    The entrance to the new life.

    I write to your memory,
    Your life becomes a story,
    For all to remember,
    How you gone without seeing December.

    Rest in peace JERRY ASHIRU.


    Gbolagade Taiwo Ayodeji (That boi called LEGACY).

    About the author:

    Taiwo Ayodeji Gbolagade is a 300 level student of the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

    Phone number: 08134057106

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