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    TAC ILE IFE 2017 YOUTH CONVOCATION: "Running a Successful Home" - Overseer & Deaconess Ayegbusi

    Today Saturday, 20th May, 2017 marks the second day of The Apostolic Church Ile Ife Area Youths Convocation @ The Apostolic Church, Okesoda Area Headquarters, Ile Ife.

    Overseer and Deaconess Ayegbusi happened to be our Guest of honour who are to speak on the topic: "RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL HOME".

    The interview goes as follows:

    From the husband side:
    "God has revealed to me who my wife will be since 1958 while I was still the headmaster of my school, whereas, I met her in 1974."

    "God showed my three people that are good to be my wife. God said my present fiancee is good as well, but I will still meet a young black lady who will be sent to me as my wife." 

    "I didn't see her, I didn't know her. While my present wife was still in modern school, I've already planned our wedding, I planned to get married immediately she finished her modern school."

    "But surprisingly, after she finished her school, she said we cannot get married. And that was how I started waiting for my God-chosen wife.ΔΊ

    "What I want you to know is that, God chose her for me, not by myself. "God is the greatest mathematician." 

    No woman is bad, except if she is not created by God almighty. 

    "When I was asked if I would lie to marry this young lady, I replied: 

    "as far as she is a virgin, no lady is bad".

    In 1973, this lady's relative was leaving with me which cause her to visit me often. Then one day, I noticed her behaviour and asked her to let her have our wedding the following week, she said its too early."
    To cut the story short, we married on April 11,1974.

    According to mummy, 

    "When my husband proposed to me, my thought was that "how can I marry this old man who is about 21 years older than me?"

    "At that time, my boyfriends are 7 in number. All but one of them stopped coming to our house when I stopped giving them good expression."

    "The one that didn't give up noticed in getting closer to daddy(my husband) tried to kill himself by drinking a toxic substance known in Yoruba land as "tari". He was later rescued and that was how we left each other and I got married to my husband."

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