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    Are Educationists loosing their value?


    Here is a question, "is Education a Profession? "
    Yes. Education is a profession. Many people nowadays see education as something anyone can just venture into. And of course, I'm referring to teaching. 

    Educationists are people who are into Education, that is, people who studied education as a profession in institutions. These are people who are supposed to be highly recognized in the society because they build the foundation of all students. Education lays the foundation for every other profession in the world.  
    Education is the mother of all profession, but in the outside world, "education is the baby of the house".

    Where doctors, lawyers, engineers and bankers receive several thousands, or even millions as salaries, you will hardly see a teacher receiving 40,000 naira as a salary. So bad!!! 

    Even in the so called government schools, teachers are being treated like slaves, beggars and ordinary people. 

    In our great country, Nigeria, there are some states where teachers suffer like hell. Even some state governments refuse to pay the salaries of their teachers; some owe 6 months, some 8 months, some 3 months and so on. 

    Whereas, this can never happen to doctors in government hospitals. Now, why is this happening to teachers? Where is our government? Where is the power of democracy? Where is everyone? 

    During this period of non-payment of salaries, many teachers have turned to beggars. Imagine a situation where both husband and wife are government teachers, the family has turned to beggars family.

    Remember our government is by the people, by the people and for the people (democracy), now tell me, how is the system of government we are using now correlating with the definition of our so called democracy? 

    All these tell us that educationists are loosing their value. Only the lectures enjoy a little, even though not enough as well. 

    Let's be sincere today, the profession that is supposed to have the greatest wage/salary is the TEACHING PROFESSION. But it's quite the opposite in our world today. 

    When people want to talk on TV or radio stations, they will say: "we thank our government for their tremendous work..."   

     Our dear government, listen Now.

    "What kind of work are you doing while your foundation builders are suffering? What project are you on that makes your teachers suffer? Do you think you will gain people's trust by working on projects while your teachers suffer? Don't you know that when teachers suffer, the whole nation suffers without knowing? "

    Now listen attentively, when teachers suffer, people around them suffer as well, the whole country suffers too. 

    "When teachers are unhappy, they take this out on the pupils/students. When you say you're providing free and convenient education for children in your state, and those students are no different from illiterates, now tell me, what's the essence? 

    Some children even end up being worse after going to school, all because there's inadequate care and monitoring for them in the school. This is all because the teachers are not happy. A teacher who has not received his salary or have been collecting half salary for the past 6 months won't waste his time to monitor students because he gains nothing out of it. "

    To our able governments, "I know you are good and still have the fear of God in you, please and please, let there be change in the system of this country, of course it starts somewhere. Let there be regard for educationists. 

    Please hammer on this, anyone who would teach should be in the education field, even though there might be exceptions."

    I know democracy still exist and we all know it's meaning. Thanks... 

    Article credit: Samuel Glory Aleh 
    300level Science and Technology Education Department, Obafemi Awolowo University. 
    Phone: 08106141895



    Bola said...

    wow! This is a very nice write up. The government has to see this, they have to get to their right senses. Nice work bro

    Anonymous said...

    Nice write up

    Samuel Aleh said...

    Thanks @Bola