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    Ugandan pastor burns thousands of members’ bibles, says its misleading

    An Ugandan pastor has reportedly asked his followers to gather all their Bibles together and set them ablaze.

    According to reports, Aloysius Bugingo, who is the Head Pastor of House of Prayer Ministries, Kampala, Uganda ordered the members of his congregation to gather hundreds of Bibles together and he set them on fire.

    Bugingo said the Bibles have been heavily edited and are misleading his congregation, so he decided to set then on fire. 

    His actions however has been confirmed by Christians all over the world, with some saying he would be visited by the wrath of God. 

    Bugingo’s church is attended mostly by Makerere University students in Uganda and the congregation boasts of a total number of about 6,000 people.
    He said some of the lines that have been tampered with in the translations were those which talk about fasting and the Lent period. He also claimed the King James Bible version contained the word ‘Holy Ghost’ more times than it did the word ‘Holy Spirit’.
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