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    Police intercept "fake police van" with drugs with billions of Naira

    The police force in Kano has intercepted a fake police van with siren which was being used to carry drugs.

    This time around, the van was carrying drugs worth billions of naira has reported by NTA news. In most cases when people see these vans with sirens, what comes to people's mind is that they are security personnel.

    These criminals were caught when other police men noticed the back of the van was covered, whereas, one of the security personnel made it known that no police van or vehicle would have it's back covered.

    Also, they were caught with fake police uniforms and caps.

    Below is one of the suspects backing the camera of NTA news while being interviewed.

    Alongside these drugs found inside the van, some other harmful and dangerous drugs were also found inside fish pack.

    When one of the suspects was interviewed, he said he has been in the job for more than a year.

    This should remind us that not everything we see is real and original, everything is not always as it seems.


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