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    Nigerians react as lady show massive cleavage at the 2017 BellaAfricana Ace Award

    When you hear people say "the end time is near", you better believe it as we will start seeing things, I mean "things".

    Here is one of the pictures from the 2017 BellaAfricana Ace Award, but something is wrong.

    Have you seen it? Yeah.

    Some ladies in Nigeria are almost running mad, all in the name of fashion. What's next is to start walking naked.

    The lady in red gown in the picture above has left her  breast open for the world to see. After herself, only God knows her motive. Now tell me, is this "fashion" or "madness"?

    When I saw this picture on PULSENIGERIA's instagram page, I was interested in the comments. Read people's comments below:

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