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    Is sex a proof of love? Find out...

    Hmm. Asking whether sex is love is actually a very good question and needs to be tend to.

    Most youths and teenagers of nowadays often mix "sex" and "love", whereas, they are not the same thing. Some guys would say,
    "if you really love me, you will allow me to have sex with you"

    It is then various thoughts would start crossing your mind as a lady;
    "what should I do now?"
    "and I really love this guy"
    "and I know he loves me too"
    "Let me prove my love to him"

    Believe me, immediately you allow that as a lady, you are done. Your dignity is gone. Now tell me, what is there to preserve or Cherish again?

    Well, some would say "life has passed that stage joor", be deceiving yourself.

    If you take note of what's happening these days, if there are hundred girls in a room,
    1. Probability that they are all virgins is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001

    2. Probability that half of them are virgins is 0.000000000000000000000000000001

    3. Probability that 25 of them are virgins is 0.00000001

    4. You will hardly find 10 virgins among them. Don't abuse me o, just telling the truth.

    Well, the simple rule is, "you will always find a partner just like you, all things being equal".

    Now listen, "sex" is not a proof of love. It's only for fun among youths who are not married.

    You ladies, any guy who loves you truly and want what's best for you won't ask you for sex, there are other ways of showing love apart from sex, yeah, that's right.

    Love is more than sex. Love shows great care and compassion, greater than sex. If you want to show love to your partner, care for him or her and put your best in doing so.


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