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    Breaking: Barcelona fan slumps, dies during celebration in Adamawa

    A Barcelona fan identified as Tari Waha has been confirmed dead on Wednesday, 8th March, 2017 after he slumped while celebrating his team's remarkable comeback in the Champions League match against PSG.

    The man was said to be 45 years of age.  He was a shop owner and a dedicated fan of Barcelona. He was watching the round of 16 clash between Barcelona and PSG at upper Luggere in Yola metropolis.

    It almost looked impossible for Barcelona to qualify as the were 4 goals down in their first leg against PSG. Tari was gradually celebrating each time Barça scored a goal as they advanced to getting qualified.

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    He lost his life sadly while celebrating Barcelona's fifth goal. It was said that fans continued their celebration even after Tari's death.

    An eye witness said:
    He said: “Here in yola, í saw a group of mourners escorting a corpse to the cemetery Whom í was told slumped while celebrating Barcelona victory and by the time those with him Will Rush him to the nearest hospital he gave up the ghost. It’s unfortunate for the young lad. Meanwhile, the celebrations continued after his body was interned.”
    Barcelona scored 6-1 to defeat PSG at Camp Nou on 6-5 aggregate after losing 4-0 in France in the first leg.

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