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    36 people infected with Anthrax in Tanzania after eating cow meat

    Outbreak of Anthrax is now being reported by the authorities in Tanzania in the Northern District of Hai. 36 people have been reported infected with the bacterium after consuming carcass of a cow.

    The victims were all rushed to the hospital after which they presented themselves with symptoms like swollen eyes, lesions on the face, hands, cheeks and fingers last week. 

    According to Elias Machange, the head of Livestock and Fisheries Department at Hai District Council, he said the disease was reported few days ago when people in the area ate meat from a cow.

    Hai District council executive director, Yohana Sintoo who also confirmed the outbreak of the disease, said it had affected three villages of Sanya Station, and Tindigani in Kia ward and Nkwasira village in Masama Westward.
    'It is true all the patients were rushed to the district hospital and others to the regional hospital,' he said, adding that some of them were discharged soon after recovering.
     The authorities also made it known that health experts have been dispatched to the affected villages to see to it that the disease is controlled and cured. 

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