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    26 people 'starve to death' due to drought in Somalia

    It has been reported that at least 26 people have died of starvation in Somalia's southern region of Jubaland in the past 36 hours as quoted by regional interior minister and drought committee Chairman, Abdirahman Mohamed.

    Government owned Radio Mogadishu reported that he appealed for emergency aid to curb hunger in the region.

    The country has been suffering from a devastating drought that has caused wells and Rivers to dry up, killed livestock as well as some people, causing hundreds of families to leave Jubaland for Somali capital, Mogadishu to seek refuge.

    Ibrahim Abdow, 62, told Reuters news agency he had travelled by donkey and bus out of Jubaland.
    "Our cows and farms have perished. The rivers have dried and there are no wells there," he told the news agency, while camping in the outskirts of Mogadishu.
    Some of the new arrivals have been given food by residents, who have said larger and more organised food supplies by aid agencies are needed.

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