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    Woman allegedly bathes 20-year-old daughter-in-law with acid, ties her up for 2 weeks (photo)

    A 20-year old lady who has been identified as Reginalda has been admitted into the hospital after her mother-in-law allegedly poured acid on her legs and tied her to a pole for two weeks.

    The lady who is from Ndalu Bungoma County, Kenya was allegedly attacked by her mother-in-law, Margaret Masai who also locked her up in a room after she gave birth.

    The chief doctor at Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital, Oliver Mamadi, expressed that Reginalda came to the hospital with both her legs and fingers in a state of decay on Wednesday, February 22.

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    The police are already on the case. However, the accused mother-in-law denied the charges against her. 

    According to the doctor, the acid has liquefied some of her body parts which now calls for amputation. 

    The accused mother-in-law and her husband have been held primary suspects in the case. 

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