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    (Video and Photos): Unknown and uncontrollable Fire broke out in OAU

    An uncontrollable fire broke out inside OAU around 8:00 pm on Monday night, 13th February, 2017 around ICAN lecture theatre and dramatic arts department. According to those who witnessed it at the start, the fire started at the other side of the mountain in front of the Faculty of Administration extension building and later spread downwards to the other side of the mountain, the one facing the building.

    I got to the scene around 9 pm and the fire was still at its high potential and was still spreading. Arriving at the scene, I saw a fire brigade vehicle but later noticed that it is already out of water and the fire was still blooming.

    According to some people, the fire is always created every year probably by hunters from small villages inside OAU.

    while I was at the scene, a man arrived, demanding more extinguishers. According to him, he had called four professors who I think are in charge of students' care and security but none of them seemed to be responding.

    See the video below:

    Minutes later, the fire had already spread towards the buildings near it which include Admin Extension building and Dramatic Arts Department buildings. The area was no longer conducive for students watching because there were flames everywhere causing eye pain for people.

    Later on, more fire extinguishing vehicles arrived and started making efforts to put out the fire before it extends to buildings.

    It was then noticed that a group of 16 students led by one of the OAU Students Union presidential candidate, hon. IBK finally put the raging fire to an end. Hon IBK and the rest of the students were then applauded by people for their brave and courageous act.

    See more pictures below:

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