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    See reason why this Pastor was dragged to court

    A woman, mother of 2 has dragged a man of God to family court for failing to provide for the maintenance of her and her two children.

    The woman, who is also the wife of the pastor seeks an amount of N250k per month for the upkeep of her children which the man of God says he can not afford.

    Rodwell Marumahoko, Christ Church pastor, appeared before magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to explain why he had stopped paying alimony as required by law.

    Pastor Marumahoko argued that the reason why he withdrew his maintenance was because his wife Mrs Beatrice Marumahoko is a business woman, and therefore can take good care of herself and the kids even without his support.
    "I can't support her. She took away our children and I hear she enrolled them in a school where she pays N476k per term,which I can't afford," the man of God lamented, adding that he was only capable of paying N32k per month.
    "Man of God, why are you lying to the court? You know very well that these days I am broke and not working. You need deliverance to see things clearly as a man," Mrs Marumahoko said.
    The woman emphasized that she needs the N250k to start a business and be able to pay for her children's school fees. 

    Source: naij

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