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    Secondary school shutdown as students go on rampage

    A secondary school has been shut down due to the unruly behaviour of students in the school in Delta State.

    It was reported that the students destroyed the school properties, breaking glasses and other valuables, causing the shutdown of the school and the area has not been normal again.

    The school, identified as Ekuigbo Secondary School will remain shutdown until further notice.

    The decision was made by the primary Secretary of the Post Primary Education Board in Ughelli, Williams Orutu following the the ruthless and unbearable action of the students.

    The incident was reported by Vanguard to have happened on 16th February, 2017 where 8 students were caught and apprehended by Ekuigbo Community vigilante and were handed over to the police.

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    He said: “Following a distress call from the school’s principal on February 16, members of the board and I rushed to the school, only to see teachers running for safety.
    “We saw students armed with battle axes and other dangerous weapons; they had destroyed the glass window of the school hall, pulled down a portion of the school’s fence and had cornered a team of armed vigilante group from the community brought in to calm the situation, threatening to attack them.
    “We eventually calmed the situation and asked the students to resume the next day after telling them that we would redeploy the principal, who they accused of using the Ekuigbo community vigilante to punish them like criminals.
    “Unfortunately for us, upon resumption the next day, the students resumed attacks on the teachers, including two male teachers.
    “To restore order and protect the lives of the teachers, we have agreed to re-admit the students and the need for every student to pay a particular amount for the damages done on the school’s property.”
    Source: naij

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