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    Rooney decides to quit Manchester United

    Manchester United star and captain, Wayne Rooney has decided to leave the club after accepting that his career at the club is coming to an end.

    Wayne Rooney is unhappy with the limited time play under the new coach, Jose Mourinho and has made it known to friends that he is ending his 13-year stay at Old Trafford.

    “The writing is on the wall for Wayne. He can see what’s happening. He’s playing less and believes he still has a lot to give. He won’t want to continue here like this,” a source told Sportsmail on Tuesday night.

    Rooney has also been offered a £35 million per year deal to play in China while the transfer window closes next Tuesday. 

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    Of course I can’t guarantee. I cannot guarantee that I’mhere next week, how can I guarantee that a player is here next season?
    “You have to ask him if he sees himself staying in the club for the rest of his career or sees himself moving. It is not a question for me because I am happy to have him. I was very open with you in the answer. I don’t want him to leave.”
    Source: Daily post

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