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    Ronaldinho announced as Barcelona Ambassador; gives statement

    Brazilian star, Ronaldinho has said that Pep Guardiola wanted him to stay at Barcelona when he was first appointed as the manager of the club in 2008. But he(Ronaldinho) felt his time at the club is up and needed to continue his career else where.

    Ronaldinho saw his final year at Camp Nou filled with injuries and speculations that rather than showing enough dedication, he was living a party lifestyle.

    At the time, it was reported that they were some of the reasons that made Guardiola sanction his departure to AC Milan.
    Ronaldinho, who this week was announced as a Barcelona Ambassador, says those stories were not true.
    “When Pep arrived in 2008 he asked to see me,” Ronaldinho told Mundo Deportivo.
    “I met with him and he said he wanted me in the team, to stay [at the club] because he was counting on me.
    He added: “As well as asking me to stay at the club, I could never have any hard feelings for someone who is like family to me.
    “I have a really good relationship with Pep due to my relationship with his brother Pere when I was with Nike.”

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