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    Nokia 3310 to be re-released this month

    Nokia 3310 was one of Nokia's most successful phones which sold around 17 million phones when it was launched 17 years ago. And now, it seems the owner of Nokia brand, HMD global, are bringing back the Nokia 3310 mobile handset.

    Due to its strong and indestructible nature, Nokia 3310 has been a big hit to users and was regarded as one of the most reliable phones ever.

    However, according to a report, Finnish company HMD Global are now planning to re-release the phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, along with three other new Nokia handsets.

    The phone will now cost around £50. This price was stated according to technology website venturebeat. 

    The price is set to lure former users who probably are now using Android phone or other types of phones to use as a companion phone. 

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