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    India arrested Nigerian man with 90 wraps ingested cocaine

    1.3 kilograms of fine quality Colombian Cocaine, contained in 90 wraps has been discovered in the belly of A Nigerian man, Okonkwo by the India's Narcotics Control Bureau, NCB while he was entering New Delhi from Lome, Togo.

    The accused was taken to hospital where am X-ray confirmed the presence of these substances in his stomach.

    He was identified as Monday Tony Okonkwo and was kept in the hospital for two days during which he expelled 90 capsules containing 1.3kg cocaine which took him 3 hours to ingest in Lagos, Nigeria.

    “When we conducted a thorough search of his body and baggage, he denied having any drugs or banned substance with him. However, the NCB team got suspicious when he said that he had come to India regarding his business of wigs and hair, but was found travelling on a tourist visa,” said Rajender Pal Singh, deputy director general, NCB.

    Tony was to deliver the drugs to another dealer in India before he was arrested. The India police have made it known that they are now looking for the dealers in India to make sure to put an end to the drug trade. 

    But the question remains, why do some Nigerians like to spoil our image in this country? 

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