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    Breaking: Former world wrestling heavyweight champion Ivan Koloff dies

    It is so sad to announce the death of legendary wrestler, Ivan Koloff popularly known as "the Russian bear". Kollof used to hold the title of "World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion" and he died at the age of 74 years.

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    He was reported to have been battling with liver cancer. He was said to have needed urgent medical care. His daughter,
    Racgel Marley created a Go Fund Me page on February 2 and wrote:

    My dad was diagnosed with liver disease about 10 years ago and while he has been living with it, he chose not to make this announcement public to his fans and friends,” she wrote. \
    “But doctors are now saying that his liver function is getting worse day by day and it will continue to. There are no other medical options available for my dad for a cure. ”
    Hulk Hogan, a wrestling icon said he felt helpless with the death of kloff. 

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