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    Breaking: 17 people killed in stampede at Angola Stadium

    At least 17 people have been confirmed dead while several others injured at a stampede that occurred at Angola during a match on Friday which was blamed on police error by the host team.

    According to reports, the incident happened in the northwestern part of Uige where numerous number of people tried to enter the stadium at once, leading to the fall of so many of them who were then trampled upon by others.

    Not less than 17 people were confirmed dead while about 60 people were severely injured and taken to a local hospital for for treatment.

    The tragic incident occurred when a push started, leading to suffocation of people, then the rush and crumbling because some people had to walk over those that had fallen which then led to their death.

    Moreover, it was said that supporters of one of the teams were angry and started breaking chairs and throwing things which led to the action of the police throwing tear gas at them. Other people started pushing and running, which then result to the stampede.

    Also, children were said to be among the victims who are either dead or suffocated.

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