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    Bird flu strikes again, kills 11,000 birds in Plateau

    It has been reported by the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) in Plateau that avian influenza or bird flu has resurfaced again, killing more than 11,000 poultry birds in a week.

    It was also stated by PAN association in the state, Mr John Dasar that so many farms in the state has been depopulated.

    The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN made it know that avian influenza, popularly called bird flu is an infectious type of influenza that spread across birds rapidly.

    Farmers are now going through tough times because of this disease spreading among poultry birds. In a week, 6 farms have been depopulated and more than 11,000 birds have been confirmed dead.

    The government is now planning to compensate farmers who had gone through the omen and has advised them to wait patiently to be compensated and immediately report any form of influenza attack in their farms.

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