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    AFCON 2017: Burkina Faso defeats Ghana in 3rd place match

    After playing the first half of the match with no goals, Burkina Faso won the AFCON 2017 third place match with 1 goal to nil (1-0), the goal which was scored through a free-for-all kick in the second half, close to stoppage time.

    It was noticed that the Burkina Faso team had lots of chances during the first half of the game but those chances were put to waste since no goal was scored in that half. 

    The Ghanaian side also had some chances which were put to waste. An average man watching the game would have known that the probability that Burkina Faso team would score was very high as they got many chances to score. 

    Everything changes during the second half of the match. Close to the stoppage time, the Burkina Faso side scored a goal through a free-kick played by one of their players. The free-kick was played with a force the Ghanaian goal keeper didn't expect which then entered the net. 

    After few minutes, the full time whistle was blown and Burkina Faso won the third place of the African Cup of Nations. 

    The winner and first place if the AFCON 2017 would be decided in the final match today by 8 pm between Egypt and Cameroon.

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