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    40-year-old groom flees ceremony with his bride when 17-year-old pregnant ex-girl ruins the wedding (photos/video)

    A 40-year old man had to flee his own wedding ceremony with his wife when his 17-year old ex-girlfriend interrupts the reception, claiming he is the father of her son and her unborn child.

    Rosa Esperanza Reyes claims she wanted to stop the wedding of her former 40-year old lover with Rita Elena Lopez, because she did not want ANYONE to be with him, neither she nor the bride.

    The girl who is a teenager said the man has been with her as recent as the night before his wedding. She claims that the consent age in their country is 18 years, so he was afraid he could be locked up by authorities as she is so 17 years old. 

    The wedding had now been named "the most disastrous wedding" as the girl was shooting at people outside the church claiming she has his son and is pregnant for him. 

    Reyes and the man had been dating for over 3 years but she could not stop the marriage. 

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