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    Why we cannot go after MMM Nigeria - Police

    After a month suspension, the ponzi scheme, MMM finally resumed operation on Friday, 13th January, 2017, a day before the officially announced date. 
    The Nigerian Police said it cannot go after the operators of the scheme because there has been no complaints against them. 

    As a result of this, the scheme and its promoters would continue their operation unchallenged even though Nigerian security and Exchange commission has warned Nigerians against participation in the scheme. 

    The force public relations officer, Donald Awunah told Punch that there would be no arrest or challenge against the scheme since its participants has not render any complaints against it. 

    But still, the Nigerian government has advised Nigerians against participation in the scheme. Nigerians were advised to rather look for a proper way of investing their money apart from MMM. 

    But I know what's going on in the mind of most Nigerians, "who you epp? "
    But still, I guess the decision is now left to Nigerians to take. 

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