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    Things to know about the unfreezing of MMM accounts

    The popular ponzi scheme has started releasing the frozen mavros of its participants. And note that, not all frozen mavros have been released. The release is batch by batch, just pray yours is released quickly.

    In addition, MMM has released new guidelines for its participants which include dealing with fake users who misbehave with the system last year.

    It was noticed towards the end of 2016 that the money going out of the system is more than that going into the system. This was due to the fraudulent activities of some users. There were cases of people who got help without providing any. This was the major reason why all confirmed mavros were frozen last year to be released today.

    MMM has made it known that all fraudsters would be seriously dealt with this year.

    More so, MMM has introduced BITCOIN as a new form of payment, which is an online currency.

    Also, for those people who perform fraudulent activities by uploading a fake proof of payment, Mavrodi has promised that all payment activities would be taken and monitored seriously starting from the time the payment button turns yellow.

    Also, change of guider button will start soon.

    Payment confirmation through SMS has also been pronounced to start very soon which would also reduce fake proof of payment fraudsters.

    Finally, the system has also promised to deal perfectly with misbehaving guiders. You see, not only users perform fraud, guider do as well. A new batch of new guiders Will start soon.

    So once again, congrats to those who use their Christmas money for MMM, those who use their wedding money for MMM, those who borrowed money for MMM, those who used office money for MMM because your money will be released soon...

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