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    Gambia Crisis (Video): ECOWAS Force on standby for invasion, thousands flees home

    A video has been uploaded online showing thousands of Gambians fleeing the country in fear of the military intervention by ECOWAS force.

    The President of the country, Yahya Jammeh has refused to step down from his position for the new president-elect, Barrow.

    However, Jammeh is getting deserted as most of his aides have started backing off. The ECOWAS force has promised to remove him forcefully if after the end of today, he still refuses to step down.

    This has made thousands of Gambians fleeing the country in order not to be caught up in the cross fight.
    Checkout the video below:

    However, Gambia’s army chief, Ousman Badjie, has made it clear that he would not order his men to fight other African troops if they enter Gambia territory. 

    Check back later as we tell you the outcome... 

    Source: naij

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