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    Controversial Tanzanian Pastor vows to become a hawker if all journalists who defamed him don't die by 2017

    Controversial Tanzanian pastor Anthony Lusekelo has vowed to resign from his calling and become a hawker if journalists who defamed him do not die by 2017. The preacher, popularly known as Mzee wa Upako, made the declaration on Sunday, December 11th, during a service at his Kanisa la Maombezi Church.

    "He said all journalists who reported that he is a drunk and disturbs his neighbours late at night will die before March 2017."
    Pastor Lusekelo was reportedly arrested in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, for obstructing his neighbours by packing his car on the road to punish them after they accused him of being drunk and unfit to be a religious leader. After his arrest, the pastor was subjected to an alcohol test which indicated that he was drunk during the confrontation.

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