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    14th January, 2017, the MOST EXPECTED date in Nigeria

    As known to all Nigerians that the unfreezing date of all mmm accounts is 14th January, 2017, the day has even become more popular and expected than 1st January, 2017 which marks the new year.

    I even heard about the story of a man who invested the money scheduled for his wedding this December into MMM which later got frozen and is scheduled for unfreezing on 14th January, 2017 as stated by MMM founder, Sergey Mavrodi.

    Another case is that of a guy I know who borrowed 70,000 naira and invested it in MMM, which was later frozen. The guy was almost crying when he heard mmm accounts have been frozen till 14th January, 2017.

    There has been so many cases of people like this. And note this 📝, these people expect that 14th January, 2017 than anyone else in Nigeria.

    More so, the action of the media against the frozen MMM accounts creates fear into people who still have money in the scheme; in such a way that the media, bloggers and web owners make it look as if the scheme had crashed already just to drive traffic to their website.

    To those who have the fear of MMM crashing already, their most expecting date is not the new year date, but 14th January, 2017 which will determine tell if sir Sergey Mavrodi will be true to hi WV words. 

    I think you all will now agree with me that the most expected date as of today is 14th January, 2017.

    Please feel free to tell us your opinion in the comment box. We love comments.

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