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    US Election~Hillary Clinton wins Dixville Notch Midnight Vote

    Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton has won Dixville Notch midnight vote, 
    according to CNN. She had 4, Donald Trump 2, Gary Johnson 1. With residents voting and five times as many reporters watching, Dixville Notch has spoken.

    On a frigid night in the largely forgotten region, about halfway between the Maine and canadian borders, the small northern New Hampshire town came alive for several minutes of kitschy Democratic conflict. This latest round of hours voting extends a tradition that traces back more than a half-century.

    With the results in from Dixville Notch, this long awaited election day is underway and sure as the earth turns on its axis, the end of the 2016 presidential contest seems impossibly closer.

    The Granite state's tight Senate race will enter election day deadlocked with Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan and incumbent Republican, Sen. Kelly Ayotte each dixville notching four votes.

    Tuesday night's result will hearten superstitious clinton supporters. The town's small collection of dedicated voters have correctly picked the eventual winner in three of the last four contests. In 2000 and 2004, it broke for George W. Bush and in 2008, it delivered a victory for Barack Obama.

    Its more recent results have been predictive. Romney and Obama split 10 votes in 2012 and John kasich edged out Trump in this year's GOP primary kick-off. Nearby Millsfield, which also voted at midnight, delivered a big win for Trump who got 16 votes to Clinton's 4.

    One voter wrote-in Bernie Sanders, the New Hampshire Democratic primary winner. Meanwhile, Clinton rallied to a narrow victory in Hart's location outscoring Trump by a 17-14 margin with Johnson gaining another 3 votes and 2 more voters volunteering Sanders.

    With overnight in person voting completed, Trump gets a 7 votes lead over Clinton, 32-25. Millsfield in 2016 is looking to horn in on what has been a calling card for Dixville Notch since 1960, when John F. Kennedy shutout Richard Nixon, 9 votes to nil. Hart's location too has a tradition here, one that traces back to 1948, when voting began at dawn.

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