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    *đź”´BREAKING NEWS* Best MMM Nigeria participant receives award @ Lagos

    Guiders & MMM participants Nation wide gathered @ Bola Event Centre   Agege Lagos to give the number 1 MMM Nigeria Participant, 2.5 Million Guider CHUDDY best of honour as he join in holy matrimony with Amaka.

    👉Highlights of the event few hours ago was when 2.5miliion+ Guider CHUDDY stepped out of the hall to address the police, pressmen and other uniformed officers who came to honour the financial freedom crusader.

    👉Drawing his ears CHUDDY warned seriously Nigerian Govt, EFCC, NEC, & other Financial Freedom haters to let the Help Community "MMM" be.
    👉The uniform men later pose with the celebrant & his newly wedded wife for different picture snap shots.

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