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    OAU Students Union Between June and November 2015, a lesson for all(Final Write-up)
    Well, it has been a fine 48hours especially with revelations regarding the Union, however this is the concluding part and final revelation.
    ���On the claim that the Union disbursed 200,000naira to the Parliament, the Speaker during TY's regime Aare will address the Press soon, he said the Parliament received only 80,000 in total from the TY-led tenure

    ���On the Union scholarship scheme;
    ���Former CSO of OAU Student Union *Ajala Micheal Oluyemi* with matric number QTS/2010/006 benefited from the scheme
    ���"Tripple A"with the name Adebayo Ayoade from Faculty of Science, MCB/2011/007 benefited from the scheme (Tripple A is one of the Faculty representatives at the moment)
    ���Olaniyan Kayode *(KAYKAY)* from Social sciences with matric number SOC/2012/075 benefitted from the scheme,Kaykay contested in the just conducted Faculty Election
    ���Salami Adedolapo (Former Chief Kegite ) with Matric number Zoo/2007/085 benefited from the scheme
    ���Former ETF hall chairman,Oyeyemi John with Matric number SLM/2011/003 from Agriculture benefited from the scheme
    The above named persons were Union leaders who were also loyalists of the then tenure,If former CSO could benefit, that shows how much the project went.
    Below were the names submitted to Akinosun(Approved ones)
    Daramola Olatubosun (Civil Engineering)
    Falola Thomas Adeolu (Falola is from Education but TY led tenure submitted his name as a Dentistry Student)
    Amosa Grant (Education)
    Olorunfemi Micheal (Law)
    Adeloye OLUWATOSIN (EDM)
    Oyediran Mayowa (Pharmacy)
    Lijadu Ebunoluwa (English)
    Ijobo Gbadebo (Chemistry)
    Adedeji Adedipupo (Elect-Elect)
    Fadunsi Ilyas (Architecture)
    ���Akinosun paid a total of 205,600naira
    ���Out of the 87names said to have been given scholarship, some paid themselves but used the name of the Union to facilitate their payments.out of the 87 also,6 freshmen were not paid for as Freshmen in the long run did not benefit from the scheme
    ���I visited traders at Students Union Building,the Union opened an Account at Diamond bank were this traders were asked to pay money for renovation of the Students Union Common room,traders who spoke under anonymity lamented the way they had to cough out huge amounts during the TY led tenure,one of the traders said "We paid close to 700,000naira in total, I also want to be a Student Union leader,that position has money to embezzle"
    Such is the decadence in the Union
    While there are some other things I would just not want to say, I love to say, the union elections will hold soon, the Leaders should know that the Press has a eye on them and should work with Materiality concept .
    It is very glaring now,the truth is obvious but posterity will not forget some quickly.
    NB: I will be willing to provide evidences to those who genuinely need it, call me via 09055552048
    This is the final lap of Revelation,there are still more but this is just the block In the water.


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